Synaptitude Consulting Becomes Part of MultiSpeak Initiative

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July 15, 2011 – Tysons Corner, Virginia

Synaptitude Consulting,  a provider of strategic and operational IT services to Utilities, Communications Providers, and non-government organizations (NGO’s), announced today that it has joined the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) MultiSpeak Initiative® as a vendor member.

The MultiSpeak Initiative is a collaboration of the NRECA, leading software vendors supplying the utility market, and utilities. The Initiative has developed and continues to expand a specification that defines standardized interfaces among software applications commonly used by electric utilities. The MultiSpeak specification thus helps vendors and utilities develop interfaces so that software products from different suppliers can interoperate without requiring the development of extensive custom interfaces. The MultiSpeak specification defines what data need to be exchanged between software applications in order to support the business processes commonly applied at utilities.

“Being part of the MultiSpeak Initiative reinforces our commitment to help utilities address integrating complex application architectures to enable next-generation operations”, said Synaptitude’s Managing Partner, John Karanikolas.  “Utilities are scrambling to absorb disruptive technologies on several fronts and we want to ensure they realize the full value of their new technologies not be distracted by implementation, interface and connectivity issues”.

“We are pleased that Synapitude Consulting has become a member of the MultiSpeak Software Integrative Initiative. We look forward to working with Synapitude Consulting so that they can help their clients benefit from the standardized MultiSpeak Interfaces”, said Bob Saint, NRECA’s MultiSpeak Program Manager.

Synaptitude Consulting is recognized as a leader in providing real-world support to IT, finance, and operations organizations undergoing transformation change.  For example, the California Public Utility Commission engages Synaptitude as their IT subject matter experts to help guide the regulated California Utility market.

About Synaptitude Consulting

Synaptitude is an enterprise and IT systems consulting services company. We deliver transformational solutions to our clients’ most critical business challenges. Today’s business is deeply interconnected with the technology that supports it. Yet, many organizations struggle to focus their business and technological concerns on the same goals; sometimes it’s as if they are speaking two separate languages.
Synaptitude excels in providing real-world IT consulting in the following areas and verticals:
•    Utilities
•    Media and Telecommunications
•    Revenue Assurance and Cost Management
•    Public Utility Commission Expert Witness testimony
•    Back office operational and customer-facing architecture
•    Vendor-agnostic package selection
•    Trusted Advisor IT Implementation Program Management

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About MultiSpeak

The MultiSpeak® Specification is an industry-wide software standard that facilitates interoperability of diverse business and automation applications used in electric utilities. It has been developed and maintained by a collaboration of NRECA and the 50 software vendors and consultants that are member of the MultiSpeak Initiative. To learn more, visit