Synaptitude to Deliver Smart Grid Seminar at Metering America 2011 Conference

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April 2, 2011 – Vienna, Virginia

Synaptitude Consulting, a provider of transformational enterprise and technology solutions to business and government clients, announced that the company will be delivering a seminar on revenue protection and revenue assurance at the Metering America 2011 conference.

Synaptitude is partnering with Utiliworks to deliver a seminar entitled “Smart Grid Revenue Protection and Revenue Assurance”.

Utilities with basic revenue protection capabilities in place (credit and collection, energy theft/fraud) average 3% revenue leakage.  That equates to $30M/year in lost revenue on $1B annual revenues.  Reducing revenue leakage by 1% of $1B of Annual Revenue will result in $25M yearly savings for Utilities.   Introduction of disruptive technologies like smart grid can potentially exacerbate revenue leakage 10-15 percentage points.

In the past, much of the inherent revenue leakage was recovered through rate recovery regulation.  But full or partial rejection of many recent Utility rate cases creates a revenue shortfall.  The economic recovery may limit the ability of Utilities to address the shortfall through external growth measures.

The revenue shortfall and uncertain external growth potential combine to place significant emphasis on maximizing operational and financial performance.  Minimizing revenue leakage that erodes revenue performance is a central factor in improving overall operational and financial performance.

Essential revenue protection must be re-validated.  But Utilities must advance to comprehensive revenue assurance to adequately address the new complexities of smart grid operations, especially focusing on:

  • Account activation and disconnect process
  • Meter-to-Bill
  • Operations and financial (Bill-to-Cash)

The seminar will be delivered by jointly by Eric Nelson, Synaptitude Managing Principal and Dale Pennington, Managing Director, Utiliworks.

The Metering America 2011 conference will be held on April 18-20, 2011 in Dallas, Texas at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. If you would like to meet with us while at the conference to learn more about Synaptitude, please contact Eric Nelson, Synaptitude Managing Principal at or 1-888-221-6341.

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