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Synaptitude Leads Development of TMForum Proactive Revenue Assurance Catalyst Solution

May 19, 2011 – Tysons Corner, Virginia

Synaptitude Consulting, a provider of transformational enterprise and technology solutions to business and government clients, announced that the company has participated in the TM Forum’s Catalyst project that measures the business impact of revenue assurance. The catalyst, “Revenue Assurance Impact Measurement,” will be presented at TM Forum Management World 2011 in Dublin, May 23-26, by members of the TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Team. The Synaptitude team led the efforts to develop a model for Proactive Revenue Assurance.

Synaptitude is joined by leading service providers including British Telecom, China Unicom, China Telecom, MTS Allstream, Swisscom, Telefonica Group and Telefonica O2 Slovakia as well as cVidya, Ericsson, Huawei, and Progress Software.

The catalyst proposes a new industry standard to measure the business impact of the revenue assurance activities, including reactive, proactive and risk reduction activities. This model will enable revenue assurance managers to present a comprehensive view of the total impact for which they are accountable.

The group has come together to resolve a enormous challenge for telecom firms: how to proactively measure and report on the overall business impact and benefits of revenue assurance activities.

Revenue assurance and risk reduction activities sometimes do not get the funding they require because managers cannot to quantify the impact of something that may or may not happen. Often, this results in a lack of funding and workforce necessary to combat these risks.

“The challenge for financial managers is to actively head off revenue loss prior to that loss occurring, rather than detecting it afterward and trying to backbill their customers, the options for which may be limited by contract stipulations or law” said John Karanikolas, Synaptitude Consulting Managing Partner. “The key to preventative revenue assurance is developing a system for measurement. Accurate tools for quantifying the potential risk will help managers build business cases to identify the right budget, resources, and tools to apply.”

The Revenue Assurance Catalyst aims to solve those challenges, in order to arm financial and risk management managers with the best practices and tools to analyze products and services to employ controls and processes for loss prevention. The result is a “unified impact measurement model” for proactive, reactive and risk-measurement telecom revenue assurance.

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