Synaptitude to Present on Revenue Assurance and Smart Grid at TMForum Americas Conference 2011

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Synaptitude to Present at TMForum Americas Conference

Revenue Assurance and Smart Grid

November 6, 2011 – Vienna, Virginia

Synaptitude Consulting, a provider of transformational enterprise and technology solutions to business and public sector clients, announced that the company will be delivering two seminars at the TMForum Management World Americas Conference on November 9th, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Synaptitude’s first presentation will be delivered by Synaptitude Vice President Shannon Hladky, alongside David Lee, Vice President – Finance, BT Global Services CNS on the topic of “Improving Financial Performance and Transforming Global Billing Operations to Enhance Revenue Assurance – One Year and $100M Later”

Last year, Synaptitude and British Telecom presented a case study describing a Billing Operations Transformation project they had embarked on. We often hear about initial case study successes, but rarely get to follow up on how the case study projects evolve and what their continued impact is. This particular project has subsequently uncovered over $100M annual recurring revenue and the solution has been rolled out to 40+ countries within BT’s worldwide operations. This presentation will continue the case study from last year, and report on the successes and lessons learned from the additional work on the project. It will also discuss the maturity of the revenue assurance and billing operations groups and how this causes the groups to be viewed differently by management. As the project enters its second year, BT will share their plans to overcome a new set RM challenges and meet new management goals. Synaptitude’s second presentation will be delivered as part of an interactive panel by Synaptitude Managing Principal Eric Nelson on the topic of “Making Smart Grid A Reality – Developing Cross-Industry Collaboration Strategies to Realize New Revenue Opportunities for Telecoms and ISVs ” Moving to Smart Grid is a huge and expensive business and a major technical transformation job for the energy industry. Upwards of $45 trillion may be spent in the US alone. The TM Forum has been instrumental in leading the telecom industry on a similar journey; transforming large-scale operations environments from being network-centric to customer control/services-centric. These similarities have the potential to form the basis for knowledge sharing between the two industries. Specifically, there is an opportunity for TM Forum knowledge assets including Frameworx and Best Practices to be applied to the Smart Grid challenge and in the process, enable energy providers to more rapidly create, deliver, manage and monetize a wide range of ‘Smart’ services. The TM Forum Energy online community is leading this effort and will share real-time lessons learned and go-to-market approaches. The session will consist of 2 free flowing panel discussions. The first will focus on the energy industry’s viewpoint and their requirements. The second will examine things from the supplier’s perspective. Then the audience will break into roundtable discussions to probe various aspects of making smart energy a cost-effective reality.

  • Examining the relationship between Smart Grid and the communications market – determining the role for service providers partner and profit
  • Outlining recent market dynamics in telecom and utilities as they converge to empower a Smart Society
  • Examining case studies from TM Forum-inspired Smart Grid ventures around the world
  • Positioning your organization to leverage the revenue opportunities in Smart Grid

The TMF Management World Americas conference will be held on November 7th, 2011 through November 10th, 2001. More information is available at For further information on Synaptitude’s Smart Grid solutions practice, please visit our website at: For further information on Synaptitude’s Telecom solutions practice, please visit our website at:

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Synaptitude provides transformational enterprise and technology solutions. We specialize in providing advisory, analyst, and program management services for operational and systems transformation initiatives, including:

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