We leverage our proven methodologies on every project. The Synaptitude methodology enables us to deliver success, consistently. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time we start a project because we know what works and we continually refine and improve it. Our methodology is comprised of five components:


Clear vision, objectives, leadership, scope, stakeholders, roles, responsibilities, commitment, and program control. On every engagement, we make sure that there is a clear, agreed vision, that objectives are well defined, and that all key stakeholders are involved and committed to the project.


Business improvement aligned to strategic vision; technology improvement aligned to business process; objectives and processes harmonized across the organization. On every project, we ensure that organizational goals are aligned with the work being performed. When delivering business improvement, we ensure that the business improvement is aligned with the overall corporate strategic vision. When delivering technology improvement, we ensure that technology improvement is aligned with the business operations it is meant to support and the overall strategic vision of the company.


All relevant stakeholders brought to the table and working harmoniously.  We embrace a one-team approach between Synaptitude, our clients, and third-party vendors with a singular focus on project goals.


Project issues accurately managed, reported, and fixed, and verified. Risks identified, assessed, and mitigated. Quality is key to our project implementations. We make an extra effort to ensure all risks are assessed and mitigated, and that any quality issues are clearly identified, tracked, fixed, and verified. While many companies overlook quality management, we believe it is a key to the success of our engagements.


Well-defined, measurable financial benefit to business. This is the final part of our methodology, and the most important. On every project, we work closely with our client to ensure that we achieve meaningful business results. We define what success is at the start by having well-defined, measurable project benefits which will drive real results in our client’s business.