Synaptitude provides great opportunities for talented consultants to build their careers. As an employee of Synaptitude, you will collaborate on challenging and innovative projects with team members from many backgrounds and a variety of experiences. Our career progression is based on the type of project-based work we perform for our clients with new opportunities available to you within each project and on every new engagement. Our typical career progression is as follows:


Consultants typically work on project engagements as part of a team. As a consultant, you will develop specialized knowledge about a service offering, or business process. As you grow, you can expect to own significantly larger and more complex components of the project you are working on. You will work closely with our clients to understand their issues and develop solutions that meet their needs. Examples of work that consultants may perform include business analysis, system development, process improvement, and/or contributions to proposal efforts.


Team leads are consultants that lead small project teams as part of larger engagements. A team lead has demonstrated mastery of a number of core consulting skills. On project efforts, the team lead will often be responsible for delivering their own work products while helping their wider team flourish and succeed.


Project managers are consultants that manage multiple work-streams for a client. The project manager is a consultant with demonstrated leadership and management abilities, and they have multiple years of experience delivering consulting services. In addition to managing the delivery of multiple work-streams, project managers often work with engagement managers to identify new business opportunities.


Engagement managers are responsible for developing long and lasting relationship with Synaptitude’s clients. Engagement managers ensure that Synaptitude is meeting its clients’ needs in every way possible, and that clients get optimum solutions for their business. Engagement managers are responsible for identifying new business opportunities.


Practice directors are responsible for a specific area of business within Synaptitude, such as an industry, a functional expertise, a service offering, or a vendor relationship. Practice directors are responsible for guiding knowledge and managing the success of their practice. They have a significant impact on the direction Synaptitude takes as an organization.


Not everyone will fall into the traditional track of consulting roles. A few will become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as a result of a deep expertise in as specific service offering or industry. As a SME, you will often work across multiple projects providing oversight and guidance that relies on your specialized knowledge. SMEs play a critically important role in business development and the development of intellectual property at Synaptitude.