Business Requirements Management


A government sponsored enterprise that provides liquidity and affordability to the housing market. Chartered by Congress the company is one of America’s biggest buyers of home mortgages, is a stockholder-owned corporation tasked by Congress to keep money flowing to mortgage lenders in support of homeownership and rental housing.

Project Overview & Objectives

The client was implementing a suite of new enterprise financial systems. Our team was asked to develop the business requirements for ensuring that financial information was consistent across the enterprise, and to ensure that sufficient business controls were implemented, in order to verify integrity.

Our Involvement

Our team was been responsible for creating the Data Movement Reconciliation Requirements. Our consultants led the Business Analyst Team, System Analyst Team and the Implementation team in ensuring the reconciliations being developed met specified business needs. The team gathered initial business requirements through structured interviews with client business team members. Functional requirements were analyzed for feasibility under the proposed IT architecture. The Clear Case and DOORS applications were used to manage the business requirements. Once developed, the requirements were delivered in complete functional and technical requirements documents, which were then base-lined, and managed during the project implementation through the implementation of a change control board, and enterprise change requests.

Results and Benefits

As a result of our team’s contribution, the system included all the requirements necessary to meet the business needs, and as a result of our structured methodology, the final implementation of the client’s enterprise systems matched the system specifications. Our development of full business requirements ensured that risk was controlled in the project, and project costs were able to be managed via structured change control.