Circuit Inventory Consolidation


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Project Overview & Objectives

The client had several global circuit inventory systems to manage specific circuit records (including core, access, dark fiber), and requested that Synaptitude analyze the data requirements and data of the multiple system, and consolidate the circuit data from the disparate systems into a single circuit inventory, accessible worldwide.

Our Involvement

Synaptitude’s consultants worked with client managers to analyze the data requirements of each circuit inventory system. These data requirements were developed into a single standard global specification for circuit data. Synaptitude then managed the effort to reconcile the legacy data to match the new global standard specification, performing data analysis and quality control to ensure continual data integrity. Once the circuit information had been standardized, cleaned and verified, it was loaded into a single database, accessible worldwide.

Results and Benefits

The end result of this effort was a single point of view for circuit inventory, improved management control, and improved data quality. Through the utilization of the new inventory, the client to improved its circuit management and the accuracy of its invoice validation process.