Smart Grid Billing Software Standards Validation


A multinational corporation, which is building a unique billing production targeted for Smart Grid enabled utilities. The product enables utilities to manage sophisticated communications device portfolios and develop customized billing solutions.

Project Overview & Objectives

Synaptitude was engaged by the client to help validate the capabilities of its Smart Grid Utility Biller (SGUB) product as part of their go-to-market strategy. Synaptitude’s validation project scope included a gap analysis between SGUB and utilities industry integration standards and a high-level strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis comparing SGUB to utilities industry CIS/MDMS application strategies.

Our Involvement

Synaptitude evaluated the integration functionality in the Smart Grid Utility Biller (SGUB) application and compared it to multiple utility integration standards, at both an integration use case and data field level. Synaptitude compared the SGUB integration functionality to the Open Smart Grid Integration Requirements, the MultiSpeak Integration Use Cases, and the California Metering Exchange Protocol (CMEP). Using its knowledge of utilities integration standards, Customer Information Systems (CIS), Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS), and software development best practices, Synaptitude prepared a list of prioritized integration functionality enhancements for the client to implement. Synaptitude also provided recommendations on general application functionality and documentation and suggested additional market offerings that the client could pursue with the core SGUB capabilities.

Results and Benefits

Synaptitude delivered a prioritized list of changes and enhancements to enhance the product in order to better comply with utility standards and to make the product more compelling to prospective customers.